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A Quiet Luxury: The Egyptian Collection

The Egyptian Collection is our new range of richly hued rugs made of hand-knotted, abrash-dyed jute, crafted at the hands of master artisans. Each rug is embedded in age-old heritage before it becomes part of their new owners’ lives, bearing witness to new memories in the calm sanctuary of the home.

Styling by Louisa Grey. Photography by Rory Gardiner.

The collection draws inspiration from Lisbon, Portugal and the work of architect Manuel Aires Mateus, a renowned Portuguese architect who approaches his work with a physical and cultural balance. As Jodie Fried, co-founder of Armadillo explains, “Our new Egyptian weave has a beautiful earthy element to it, which we found had a great simpatico and connection with Manuel’s architecture. His work honours ancient techniques but retains a sense of calm and contemporary aesthetic about it.”

Manuel designs with a focus on how people live, creating spaces where people can connect not just to the space but to each other. “Architecture is an art, but it has to be lived in to be finished. We design buildings to be a starting point for something that is going  to grow and move. Time can be a value and not a problem,” he explains.

The Egyptian Collection exudes a discreet form of luxury. Its depth, dimension and detail has a timeless appeal, hinting at the history of previous generations while elevating interiors into modern sanctuaries. “Thanks to a unique combination of dye, fibre and construction, the colour changes subtly with the light and gradually reveals itself over time, wearing in soulfully like a lustrous silk fabric,” notes Armadillo co-founder Sally Pottharst.

Our campaign was styled by Louisa Grey, a London-based stylist known for her instinctual way with texture, a precise placement of objects and an elegant simplicity that evokes a sense of calm and well-being. “The earthiness and the tones of the Egyptian Collection fit into Manuel’s architecture so well. There is a lovely union of all-natural elements that bring the comfort you aspire to have – that quiet, understated luxury within your life.”

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