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A Wilderness of
Colour and Texture

Stylist and furniture designer Sarah Ellison has curated a bold and beautiful installation at Armadillo’s Sydney flagship showroom.

The display is a sensory feast of audacious colour and sumptuous texture, featuring iconic pieces from Sarah Ellison’s SOL collection including her Muse sofa, Huggy chair and Earth table.

The lush landscape has a comforting sense of permanence.

The living and dining room settings are arranged on a trio of Armadillo’s rectangular and custom round Agra rugs, in autumnal shades that complement a forest of florals by Hermetica.

The lush landscape has a comforting sense of permanence. As Sarah explains, “I worked with florist Jai Winnell to build out a grounding concept, where dried native grasses, sorghum and possum banksia appear to grow out of the rugs and furniture from deep within the earth. Tonally, we kept the palette distinctly Australian, with warm desert tones to celebrate the beauty of our own backyard.”

“The collaboration is a true celebration of Australian creativity and craftsmanship, reflecting our shared ethos of drawing inspiration from the natural world and translating it into a uniquely antipodean aesthetic that is at once relaxed and refined,” enthuses Jodie Fried, co-founder of Armadillo.

Designed by Studio Goss and opened late last year, the Armadillo showroom has a tactile feel that lends itself to artistic expression. “It is a space where these types of visual narratives, whether pared back or avant-garde, can be brought to life so that customers can experience our rugs in a new light and be inspired to wield colour and texture in a way they may not previously have considered,” notes Armadillo co-founder Sally Pottharst.

While passers-by can enjoy Sarah Ellison’s dramatic panorama through floor-to-ceiling shop windows, customers are invited to immerse themselves in the scenery as they peruse Armadillo’s range of luxury rugs.

Shop 2, 188 Chalmers Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
+61 2 9698 4043

Monday – Friday
9.00am until 5.00pm

Photography by Anson Smart.


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