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Capturing the Campaign

Behind every beautiful image goes a lot of hard work, planning and curation. Over the course of two weeks and five locations around Los Angeles, our Co-Founder and Creative Director Jodie Fried, LA-based photographer Joe Schmelzer and stylist Gena Sigala translated inspiration to imagery, perfectly capturing the mood and essence of our six newest rugs. Read below to discover how the magic happened.

Photography by Joe Schmelzer. Styling by Gena Sigala.

As any creative will tell you, 99% of the work is in the planning, and having the right people to pull it together.

For Armadillo’s Creative Director Jodie Fried, location scouting for the 2018 campaign shoot began many months in advance and drew on the mood board from the collections themselves. The newest additions to our Earth and Latitude Collections are heavily textural and tactile so Jodie’s inspiration for the interiors was similarly rich in colour and tone, styled with ceramics, lighting, indoor plants, deep earthy furnishings and natural sculptural pieces.

"I find that the more you are in each other’s head, the easier it is to effortlessly create a beautiful shot together."

The shoot, based in Los Angeles, celebrated layered interiors, natural and warm northern hemisphere light and unique architecture. Finding one location, let alone five, wasn’t easy. As Jodie explains, “we were very specific about the architectural details having that fine line of modern and classic Spanish revival influence.”

Together with two LA based creatives, photographer Joe Schmelzer and stylist Gena Sigala, the team worked closely on setting up each shot, acknowledging that they took the opposite approach to a typical interiors shoot where the focus is on the room itself.

“It was important that we made the room look beautiful, but without too many distractions that would draw your eye away from the rugs. The products clearly needed to shine,” he says. To hero the rug, Joe paid special attention to how the highlights and shadows hit the rugs, ensuring that we captured their true colours and textures. “This is all a dance, and part of the puzzle to make each individual shot have that magic we are looking for!”

Gena brought a considered touch when it came to styling each space, embracing the perfectly imperfect. “We wanted to showcase the product with gorgeous but understated pieces,” she reflects. “The resulting images make you want to be in the spaces, walk on the rugs with bare feet, and re-think the concept of the grounding element found in a rug.”

“I try not to overthink a space. I let the space itself – and the product – start the conversation.”

The resulting campaign imagery is a thoughtful celebration of the rugs and the artistry behind them. And funnily enough, for all the groundwork some of our favourite shots came about serendipitously. As Jodie muses, at the end of the day “you can plan it to an inch of its life but you always need to leave some room for some unplanned magic on the day – these shots are often the best!”


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