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Colour Play with Joseph Gardner

We go behind the scenes of the campaign shoot for our new Colour Play Collection and find out from stylist and Vogue Living style editor Joseph Gardner how the injection of a small burst of colour can completely transform the mood, energy and emotion of a space.

Photography by Anson Smart

How did you approach the brief to style our Colour Play campaign? What inspirations did you have on your mood board? 

We shot this campaign months into the COVID-19 pandemic, I was working from home and like most, feeling a little trapped and uninspired. The inspiration for this campaign was really driven by a desire to get away, dreaming of exotic locations and quiet, contemplative spaces. We drew inspiration from architecture, travel and of course colour.

Over the years, Australian interiors have become more daring in their experimentation with colour. Are there any hues that you are personally drawn to? Are you into tonal or contrasting palettes? 

I love most colours, but personally gravitate toward softer, earthier tones. I would say I prefer a tonal palette for at home life, but a contrasting palette is often more exciting when producing editorial imagery.

As a stylist, how can the addition of a small burst of colour in the form of a rug completely transform a room?

I see rugs a bit like art for your floor, both for the skill and time they take to create but also for the way that they really finish off and add depth to an interior. Adding a shot of colour to an otherwise neutral scheme can really elevate a space and take it to new, exciting places.

"Light plays a big factor when deciding on a rug colour, so it’s always best to test how the colour changes in the space."

Do you think colour has an impact on the mood, energy and emotion of a space for its inhabitants?

Absolutely! Imagine living in an all-red room – stimulating for some and an anxiety-drenched nightmare for others. Softer colours are naturally more calming, and vibrant colours more stimulating, but this is completely unique to each person. 

Tell us how you’d go about choosing a colourful rug for someone’s home. What design tenets do you abide by, and what rules are you happy to break with? 

I’m not really big on rules!  I always like to look at a client’s wardrobe, to see what colours they feel good in as, chances are, they will also feel good living with them. Light plays a big factor when deciding on a rug colour also, so it’s always best to test how the colour changes in the actual space, during the time of day you are most likely to inhabit it. I would also take in to account the kind of mood they are hoping to create.

Are there any particular things that need to be considered when it comes to sourcing a colourful rug for the living room, bedroom and dining room?

Again, I think it’s about how you want to feel in each room and at what times of day you use them most. For example, maybe you want a calm and serene bedroom to aid in sleep, or perhaps you want to liven things up and create some energy, if you know what I mean. I would also recommend avoiding being swayed by trendy colours – you and your rug will be together for a while so you need to make a true connection.

Finally, we can’t help but ask – what’s your favourite rug from the new collection? 

I would say it would have to be the Malawi in Saffron…so spicy and delicious!


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