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Slow Design for Quiet Living

Our new collection encapsulates a philosophy of slow design, evolving from the wider Slow Movement established in 1986. Each rug exudes a visual and sensorial calm that belies their robust and lasting nature. The timelessness and longevity of this handmade heritage promises a better future – for the benefit of the individual as well as the planet.

Styling by Joseph Gardner
Photography by Sharyn Cairns

Inspired by a slow and sustainable process of craftsmanship, our ethos is to create intuitive products that satisfy real human needs. Every rug is made by hand from carefully sourced natural materials – a gesture in patience that brings mindful and meaningful living to the fore.

Thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, these soulful objects make a sublime backdrop for the inner sanctum of the home, reminding us to simplify, slow down and engage more deeply with the people and spaces around us.

Odessa is a new addition to the luxurious Heirloom Collection. Hand-knotted from Afghan wool that is unrivalled in its softness, this rug’s exquisite palettes and textural intricacies are designed to awaken the senses. No two are exactly alike, as each hank of natural yarn features a cacophony of hues that morph into mesmerising striations once solid-dyed and woven into form. As beautiful as it is hard-wearing, Odessa has a captivating presence that makes sensorial enjoyment part of daily life.

Pompeii promises a calming ritual underfoot that transforms the home into a place of refuge from the outside world. New Zealand felted wool is woven tight into a durable composition that can withstand high-traffic areas, whilst gently evoking an air of tranquillity with its plush pebbled surface. Part of the Classic Collection, this flawless design which emphasises simplicity over excess prompts us to reflect on what we truly value, what we really need and what will bring us joy.

Aspen has a quiet presence that subtly enhances the ambience of a room and the mood of its inhabitants. The one-sided soumak weave creates a soft and linear texture inspired by alpine slopes. Indulgent wool is left undyed in neutral tones that are highly versatile, chosen to work seamlessly with any interior aesthetic. With its enduring beauty and impeccable quality, Aspen is an object for ongoing delight and discovery that will gradually develop an authentic patina embedded with its owner’s story.

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