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Creating a bedroom retreat
with Cultiver

As a haven of tranquility, the bedroom is one of the few spaces where we can truly leave behind the bustle and noise of modern life. Nicolle Sullivan, founder of luxury linen and homewares brand Cultiver, shared with us how she brings a touch of ease and everyday enjoyment to a space that is as important in our waking hours as in our sleep.

Why is the bedroom such an important space in the home?

As the place where we begin and finish each day, the bedroom plays a critical role. For me, it is an important sanctuary where I seek quiet at the end of the day.

What three words would you use to describe your bedroom style?

Uncluttered, tactile, timeless.

Walk us through your bedtime routine.

There’s not much to it! I get the lighting right by using bedside lamps, brush my teeth and then read a few pages of a book before falling asleep. Usually just walking into a quiet, tidy, lamplit room after a day of work, chatter and background noise instantly relaxes me.

For a while, all-white bedrooms were the rage. How can we incorporate colour while still maintaining a calming vibe?

For me the way to do this is by keeping things tonal. By that I mean layering different shades to add depth and interest without harsh contrasts. So, for example, in our [bedlinen] range I love nude, blush and dusk together – this can be carried into rugs and window coverings too. It creates interest and sophistication without being too busy or visually jarring. Blues and greys work well in this way too.

"A simplified palette can be elevated by adding different textures in the same colour family into the scheme."

Are there any décor details you think are often overlooked but can really set the mood?

Lighting as I mentioned is key everywhere, really, but especially in the bedroom. I think something natural – a plant if you have room, or fresh flowers – really helps too.

Bedside tables can reveal a lot about a person – what’s on yours?

A brass Chipperfield lamp (a timeless, simple design that is great for reading), a small jewellery dish and a stack of books. I’ve just started charging my phone elsewhere to stop the inevitable Instagram pull!

Do you change things up in your bedroom for summer vs. winter?

Yes – I use a sheet and light linen quilt or linen bedcover in summer, and a duvet in winter. I also go darker colour-wise in winter and use navy or olive combinations on the bed.

We’d love to hear your tips on creating a welcoming guest bedroom!

There are so many little touches you can add to make your guests feel comfortable. Layered bedding that they can easily adjust and a nice soft rug to land on when they get out of bed are key. A bottle of water, phone charger and bedside lamp also make it very easy for guests to relax and feel welcome.

In a space like the bedroom where you can expect to get cosy, how do textures and materials factor into the styling?

Textures and materials are really important as a way to add visual interest and comfort. When you might not want to use mixed or bold colours, a simplified palette can be elevated by adding different textures in the same colour family into the scheme.

Further, it is a room where you spend a LOT of time and will affect the quality of your rest, making it essential to have good quality fabrics around you. Natural fibres are always the best choice.

Finally, we can’t help but ask – what’s your favourite Armadillo rug to land on when you get out of the bed in the morning?

I love the feel of my Tangier rug under bare feet! But I am hoping to add an Heirloom to my room at some point – it is pure, understated luxury.

Photography by Chris Warnes


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