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A Curated Getaway: Lumière Lodge

A classic Victorian cottage located in Old Hobart Town, Lumière Lodge captures the romance of Tasmania’s rugged landscape. Lovingly restored to its original character and finished with whimsical antique touches, the boutique accommodation property is not only a beautiful base for exploring the leafy surroundings but a mesmerising studio space for creatives. We spoke to owners Kerran and Sam Langley about giving new life to a historic beauty. 

Photography by Marnie Hawson

How did you find this gorgeous property?

 One evening in 2015, we were scrolling through the local real estate guide and found this gorgeous Victorian weatherboard home. The next day we drove along the beautiful tree-lined street and were lucky enough to find the owner pottering in the front garden. She was lovely and showed us through herself. We immediately fell in love with the home and pounced on the opportunity to own it.

Tell us a bit about the renovation process. Were there any hiccups?

We were lucky to have the support of family, professionals and skilled tradesman to allow us the opportunity to express ourselves. We were very hands-on throughout the build and spent most of our time outside of work hours completing jobs. We replaced a 60s extension with a new layout and design, removing windows and doors and relocating them to different parts of the home. We shifted a beautiful stained-glass window from the rear extension and relocated it to the old dining room, which we repurposed as our main bathroom.

It was a mammoth task for a small group of people. We only faced minor hiccups and approached these with a level head. I think it helped having a group of witty and wonderful tradesman – they never looked negatively upon anything. Some days it was like we were in an episode of The Two Ronnies.

The fun part was seeing it all come together – choosing and creating paint colours, sourcing unique and timeless products. Your confidence and the confidence of others slowly blossoms as your choices become reality. The renovation is respectful to the history of the home and it transitions gracefully from old to new. The care and attention to detail that was invested into this project hopefully means that it will last many more years to come.

We love the feel of old houses. What are some of Lumière Lodge’s quirks and characteristics?

The home’s façade is charming and draws on its 1890s features, from the lovely old weatherboards with hand-forged nails still protruding slightly under the paint work, to the balcony with its original lacework. Once you step inside the house it unfolds. You’re greeted by the old hallway with porcelain lights dotted down the centre and the original floorboards beneath your feet. There is an old-world feel here, like you’ve stepped back into Old Hobart Town. Each room has a unique play on colour, light and styling.

What is your favourite room in the house?

I am in love with our main bathroom.  Relaxing in the clawfoot bath at the end of the day with the gentle flicker of candlelight, oil paintings and the curves of the old chimney is the loveliest of experiences. During the day an array of colours bathe the room from the stained-glass window.

Lumière Lodge is filled with gorgeous handcrafted and collected pieces. How would you describe its aesthetic?

It is old-world, romantic, quirky and youthful. Each room has a different story, but there is a warmth here that is expressed through design, colour and the objects inside.

Do you have any tips on how people can bring a sense of curation to their belongings in their own homes?

I love consistency of design and style throughout a home – when this flows from room to room, it provokes a sense of calm. I really love how colour, light and objects can enhance the mood of each space and define its purpose. Your home should always reflect you, and what you love.

There’s something really romantic about Tasmania because of its beautiful landscape. What do you love about living there?

I love how the climate has shaped the topography, flora and fauna on this beautiful island. It is visually spectacular, unspoiled and a truly magical place to explore; from the contrasting coastlines to the harshness and beauty of the alpine country. The stories of people and place, and how this has been adapted to create sustainable businesses, is what makes this island so unique from the rest of the world.

How would you recommend we spend a weekend at Lumiere Lodge? Do you have any favourite local shops, eateries or sights?

No doubt you will be in the mood to explore, so my first suggestion for a long lunch is The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery run by Rodney Dunn and wife Sèverine Demanet. This world-renowned eatery is located in historic New Norfolk and is a 45-minute scenic drive from Hobart. The Drill Hall Emporium and Miss Arthur Home Goods are my favourite antique stores near the eatery. Be prepared to get lost in all the beauty of these places! Later, arrive home and light the fire, pour a nip and enjoy a relaxing bath by candlelight with custom made bath salts to soak in.

Do you have any advice for people who are preparing their house for guests?

Create a unique experience that promotes comfort, enjoyment and a lasting impression.

Are there any decorative details for a guest bedroom that might be overlooked but can really enhance the experience?

I personally love the feeling of linen sheets, a comfortable bed and a subtle scent that compliments the home. I also appreciate first thing in the morning, stepping out of bed and feeling the soft handwoven jute and wool rug by Armadillo & Co underneath my feet.

Finally, we can’t help but ask – what’s your favourite Armadillo rug to have underfoot?

I love the Petunia for its grounding colour and differentiating grain.  The shape adds a dynamic touch and feels natural under the feet.


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